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Brake hub

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The balance accuracy is less than 1080g/mmm2, and balanced braking is realized, and the performance is second only to the original brake disc.

Heat sink

Achieve better heat dissipation, prevent brake disc deformation and ensure friction

Surface treatment

High-quality surface treatment of friction surfaces in secondary machining operations

Positioning hole

High-precision hole diameter and precise positioning of the disc body



Product Introduction

Brake wheel hub, also known as brake drum and brake drum, is a cast iron part with a shape similar to a tambourine, which is fixed with the tire and rotates at the same speed. When braking, oil pressure is used to push the brake shoe to contact the inner edge of the brake drum, and the friction force generated by the contact is used to suppress the rotation of the tire to achieve the purpose of braking. In layman's terms, the brake hub is like a metal drum or a small barrel on the hub, and the bottom of the barrel is to rub the hub of the car to stop the car when braking.

The brake drum is an important part of the drum brake system. The inner surface of the brake drum of the drum brake is the position where the brake device generates the braking torque. In the case of obtaining the same braking torque, the diameter of the brake drum of the drum brake device can be much smaller than that of the disc brake. Therefore, in order to obtain strong braking force, large-scale vehicles with heavy loads can only be equipped with drum brakes in the limited space of the rim. Drum brake systems are generally installed on the rear wheels of large vehicles.

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