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Brake Pads

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The balance accuracy is less than 1080g/mmm2, and balanced braking is realized, and the performance is second only to the original brake disc.

Heat sink

Achieve better heat dissipation, prevent brake disc deformation and ensure friction

Surface treatment

High-quality surface treatment of friction surfaces in secondary machining operations

Positioning hole

High-precision hole diameter and precise positioning of the disc body



Product Introduction

Automotive brake pads are an important safety device used to control and decelerate the movement of vehicles. It consists of a metal substrate and friction material. Friction materials are usually made of organic substances (such as ceramics, fibers or graphite), which have good wear resistance and friction properties. At the same time, the metal substrate provides a stable support and heat conduction function.

The brake pads decelerate the vehicle by friction generated by contact with the brake disc. When the driver of the vehicle steps on the brake pedal, the hydraulic system puts the brake pads in close contact with the brake disc. Friction will slow the wheels and eventually stop the vehicle. The design of brake pads takes into account various factors, such as braking performance, durability and safety. These factors are directly related to the braking effect and driving safety of the vehicle.

In order to maintain the good performance of the brake pads, it is necessary to regularly check the wear of the brake pads. The brake pads with excessive wear should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the brake system. At the same time, the correct use of the brake system to avoid sudden braking and long-term high-speed driving will help extend the service life of the brake pads.

All in all, automobile brake pads are an important device related to driving safety. They slow down the vehicle through friction with the brake disc. Reasonable use and regular inspection of the brake pads can ensure the normal operation of the brake system and improve driving safety.

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